Prompt Delivery

This section is dedicated to our proposals ready to be delivered; that means that the products are already available in stock so that they can be quickly dispatched. Ideal for a situation where there is an urgent need to receive the product immediately. Thanks to the reserved promotions, it is possible to buy comfortable and practical products, 100% Made in Italy artisan quality, at advantageous prices.

Flex 18

Flexibility and versatility are the main features of this sofa bed. In fact, with a simple gesture thanks to the practical lace hidden between the back cushions, this practical sofa turns into a comfortable bed. Equipped also with a pillowcase compartment, this sofa bed is ideal for those who need practicality. Flex offers many dimensional solutions and can also be customized to give you the perfect size, thanks to the different types of armrests that can be combined.
The cover is completely removable.
It is the best-selling of Flex collection. The classic sofa bed that everyone would like to have. 18 cm squared armrests. Flex 18 is the ideal sofa bed for any home environment.