About us

Our story begins in 1967, when Alberto Federici founded Effe Salotti, a company producing sofas in the upholstery sector. The rich knowledge of the product acquired from the experience was then handed down from father to son. The know-how, represent our strengths, together with the skill and competence to satisfy the needs of our customers. Today we are a modern Italian company able to draw, design and produce high quality sofas.

Our philosophy, based on the manufacture and culture of contemporary furniture, comes to life in Pesaro area, the heart of one of that areas of central Italy, with the highest manufacturing vocation. The excellence and tradition of the crafted and industrial fabric of the territory, in particular for home and upholstered furniture, allows us to use the best production chain, for quality and capacity.

Made in Italy

Using the most excellent textile product, our constantly updated designers and modelers generate original ideas for a product with innovative shapes and they also seek the best technical solutions for each item. Then come our craftsmen whom, with the passion and experience generated by years of work in the field, put into practice the techniques of cutting, sewing and working. That’s how we make the design of each product. Alongside these figures there are also employees, logistics and quality control personnel, in order to offer a complete service at 360°.


In Effe Salotti we internally design, develop and produce each collection, thanks to our specialized production and tailoring skills, knowledge, experience and high quality standards.


Creativity, unique design, meticulous care of every detail, choice of the best materials, continuous research and high quality standards: these are the hallmarks of all our sofas.


Constant research and development, technological innovation, selected raw materials, components and cutting-edge mechanical parts to guarantee the right quality and safety.


Our work is always guaranteed: meticulous labor of our artisans combined with a careful and high production peculiarity, guarantee of Made in Italy, efficient quality control.

Sofas Made in Italy and Craft Quality